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Facebook verifies that years-old messages are randomly coming back to haunt users

Facebook verifies that years-old messages are randomly coming back to haunt users
Facebook verifies that years-old messages are randomly coming back to haunt users

Facebook users are reporting among the stranger bugs to irritate the system of late: years-old Messenger threads fixing mechanically, without explanation or context. First documented by consumers on Twitter, the business now verifies that old messages have been handled as new, unread ones and popping up from the Messenger tab on The explanation, however, remains elusive.

“Some folks are visiting old messages on We’re conscious of the problem and are actively working to solve it in as soon as you can,” a Facebook spokesperson informs The Verge. “We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Some have voiced concern that the insect could resurface discussions or previous histories they’d much rather forget. If you don’t disable the background between you and another user, Messenger keeps the entirety of your back-and-forth discussions, stretching past years. It might be jarring to a person to be struck with an older thread having an ex or a relative or friend who’s passed.

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This is not the first-time something like that has occurred by accident. Back in 2015, Facebook famously started resurfacing debilitating memories for individuals with its On This Day callback attribute. That is because the underlying algorithm did not appear to learn how to distinguish between the celebratory, merry articles it was developed to resurface and those around catastrophe which frequently generate too much, or even more,”involvement,” because Facebook steps it.

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Although this moment, it seems more like a problem with a code as opposed to a tactical failure of individual comprehension. And, to be honest, the huge majority of folks complaining about the insect just appear to be handling it as a random and quizzical oddity of social network which nobody could describe at this time. Yet knowing others are being haunted by painful memories is a great reminder that Facebook accounts for a huge quantity of online explains and also the particulars of our private lives, and its stewardship of the information has arrived under close continuous criticism this season.


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