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Over Half a million users fooled into downloading malware from Google Play

Over Half a million users fooled into downloading malware from Google Play
Over Half a million users fooled into downloading malware from Google Play

Over half a million users have set up Android malware posing as forcing games from Google’s own app store.

Lukas Stefanko, a security researcher in ESET, tweeted information of 13 gaming apps — produced by exactly the exact same programmer — that were in the time of his tweet downloadable from Google Play. A couple of the apps were trending around the shop, he explained, providing the apps higher visibility.

Combined, the apps exceeded 580,000 supports before Google pulled the plug.

Anyone downloading the apps were anticipating a truck or automobile driving game. Rather, they got everything seemed like a buggy app that crashed whenever it started.

In fact, the app was downloading a payload from a different domain — enrolled to an app developer in Istanbul — and set up malware from your scenes, deleting the app’s icon in the procedure. It is not clear just what the malicious apps do; none of those malware scanners appeared to agree on just what exactly the malware does, dependent in an uploaded sample to VirusTotal. What is apparent is that the malware gets persistence — launch whenever the Android telephone or tablet computer is opened up and contains”complete access” to its own network traffic, which the malware author may use to steal keys.

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We achieved into the Istanbul-based domain operator, Mert Ozek, however he didn’t respond to our email address. (If this changes, we will update).

Google spokesperson Scott Westover verified the apps “breached our policies and have been eliminated from the Play Store.”

It is another embarrassing security lapse by Google, which has faced criticism for its backseat approach to app and cellular security in comparison to Apple, which some say is much too restrictive and discerning about which apps make it to its walled garden.

Google has spent decades hoping to double back on Android safety by adding better safety attributes and more optional app consent controls. However, the company has been combat rogue and malicious apps from the Google Play app store, that have taken over among the best dangers to Android consumer safety. Google pulled over 700,000 malicious apps from its app store last year, and has attempted to enhance its backend to stop malicious apps from becoming into the shop in the first location.

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