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WhatsApp to release QR code sharing and Add Contact feature very soon

WhatsApp to release QR code sharing and Add Contact feature very soon
WhatsApp to release QR code sharing and Add Contact feature very soon

WhatsApp will make it simpler to talk about your contact information by simply introducing a QR code system which shares all of the data with only a scan.

In accordance with WABetaInfo, the machine is part of a brand new Add Contact feature, and creates a QR code such as Instagram’s Nametag feature.

To store your contact information, another WhatsApp user visit Insert Contact and certainly will probably be prompted to scan your QR code.

For users’ security, they are also able to reverse the QR code, which prevents it from allowing other prospective users scan the code to find contact info.

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This may come in handy if someone requires a photograph of your QR code without your consent.

Firms would also have the ability to put a QR code of the company contacts on the internet, saving clients the hassle of having to type in numbers and data manually.

WABetaInfo states the QR code feature was seen around the iOS beta version, although an Android variant is probably in the works.

Users may also have the ability to use the Insert Contact feature to manually save a new contact’s advice straight in WhatsApp, instead of launching their Contacts program and rescue it there.

WABetaInfo states that this has the advantage of allowing a stored contact to be messaged instantly, instead of waiting for the program to recognize a new contact from the user’s phonebook is on WhatsApp.

Users may even be prompted to select which nation the contact person lives in and the program will determine which state code to preface it with.

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